GENOCL / Geno ™ CL

Geno ™ CL - Clinical Laboratory CLRW Water

The Avidity Science Geno ™ CL series CLRW system is a one-box solution that can deliver up to 200 L/hr. of pure water with a versatile and intuitive user system that exceeds expectations for a clinical scientist and a high throughput analyzer.

  • A range of flow rates in a ‘one box’ solution with a small footprint to match the requirement of any analyzer system configuration.
  • Unique two-stream RO/EDI cassette technology provides contingency, upgrade capability and minimizes downtime
  • Simple operator interfaces through an Intuitive icon driven control via a high resolution 10” touch screen. 
  • CLSI-CLRW compliant water delivered by whisper-quiet pumps
  • Data logging via a secure link to protected cloud storage
  • Onboard maintenance tutorial videos
  • Passcode protected access and prioritized alarm warnings
  • Low running costs
  • Tool-free access and simple consumable change
  • Common pumps reduce parts inventory
  • By-pass options

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